Sellebrity Soccer with Paul Manners

Sellebrity Soccer with Paul Manners

16th April 2018 Charity News 0
Paul Manners and Alan Carr
Sellebrity Soccer Sunday 15th April 2018 was the day to support a great charity, ‘Niamh’s Next Step’.

Being a patron (Paul Manners) of ‘Stacey’s Smiles’ it was a pleasure to show support of great friends helping to raise funds for a fellow Neuroblastoma Cancer Charity.

Keeping the crowd constantly entertained throughout the fast pace 90 minutes, the white team managed to win against the pink team 5-3.

Alan Carr even went onto the pitch to miss a couple of penalties, however it was the entertainment value that lifted the event. Maybe if I was in goal he would’ve scored, apparently lol good on you Alan! Great sport!

It was a pleasure to spend time with my awesome friend Stevi Ritchie and to have been invited by Kevin Cooper, who works so hard at putting these events together.

Paul Manners and Stevi Ritchie

I hope Alan won’t really use my signed photo as a drinks coaster. It was great to also finally meet Sam Bailey and Kerry Katona.

It was also great to see Calum Best again after hosting a night with him not long ago in Southampton.

It’s awesome to spend time with my good friends Darren and Tish too.